the friends who know where the bodies are buried…

...we all know where our skeletoons are buried...question is who else does?














I think it’s safe to assume that you have at one time or another watched a movie where one character goes out on a limb and does someone a huge favor at great personal risk.

Then as the movie progresses you find that character gets killed by the very same person/people they were helping because ‘they just know too much’.

I used to find it very ironic but of late I have come to understand the rationale behind that brutal act of ingratitude – fear.

I think there is nothing as frightening as having someone knowing your deep dark secrets and having the potential to expose them!

The question is who knows your ‘deep dark secrets’ better than your friends and who helped you bury them – if not your nearest and dearest?

We all have a friend (or two) who knows where the skeletons are hidden, they know our ‘past’ and they were there when we were covering up our tracks so no matter where we go, who we later become – these people have certain information about us that could be damaging.

Every person who has had to ask a friend to lie for them knows what I’m talking about.

To borrow from DJ Sbu’s tagline on the show ‘Friends Like These’; Ladies and gentlemen, how many of you have ever put your faith in a friend?

I would bet at one point in time you all put your faith in a friend, confided in them and sought their help in order to save your own skin.

Many people get to maturity after going through the rigors of a riotous, wild and rebellious youth were they do things that they live to regret and would rather bury in their past.

With age comes maturity and a sharp clarity that ruthlessly allows us to see how stupid our actions were; what fools we made of ourselves and with that insight – comes the faint hint of shame.

We are ashamed of our past, we hate it and want it to be forgotten, erased from our memories but how do you erase it from the memories of those who helped you bury it?

Some of them may not even be friends, just people who know stuff about you that you wish you could keep secret for ever – they know where your bodies are buried.

These are the people who went to college with you – who know the number of sugar daddies you had, trying to pass them off as your ‘uncles’. They were there when you fell pregnant, far from home and scared to death: they also know that you never had that baby.

These are the people who went to college with you – who know you got a high school child pregnant, got charged with statutory rape, spent a few nights in a cell and managed to settle with the girl’s family out of court before the news reached your family.

They know your scandals, but luckily for you – you know where their skeletons are hidden too.

How do you face the friends who know where the bodies are buried?

I know for most people they don’t worry too much about having a friend ‘sell them out’ because they also know stuff about their friends so they have some kind of insurance policy.

It goes something like, ‘rat me out’ and I’ll ‘rat you out’ but of course we never say these things out loud; its just an understanding that is communicated silently – it’s a pact between friends.

I’ll never tell because they’ll never tell – or will they?

Every man who has ever asked his pals to give him an alibi after he got home late, slept out all night, or impregnated some whore, will probably relate to this phenomenon of having someone who has info on you that can sink your marriage or ruin your life.

The same goes for any woman who has ever asked her girlfriends to cover up for her when she went off to some rendezvous in the process of having a steamy affair with her boss (or whoever).

She’ll get home and be like, ‘I was with so and so; she was really in a bad state, I couldn’t leave her like that, call her if you don’t believe me’ – or some nonsense like that.

And the friends will vouch for the lying cow and go so far as to swear by all that is holy that they were indeed together on the night/day/time in question.

These are the friends I’m talking about.

I mean the friend who knows every last one of your illegitimate children because you made arrangements for them to go to his office to collect their fees so that your wife never finds out that you sprouted children all over the place like some mushroom farmer.

That will be the same friend who, when you are dead, and these women start appearing out of the yellow to claim from the estate will admit (sheepishly) that they knew all along that you had kids stashed somewhere.

Then of course your now widowed wife will wish she had laced every meal she served your friend with poison – the snake!

I mean the friend who knows that you lied and that your firstborn isn’t your hubby’s kid because you had that one night stand to get back at him.

You were never really sure whose it was until the baby came out looking just like the fellow at the club but the ‘girls’ knew because they were there that night egging you on to go ahead and ‘drown your sorrows’ when they knew that you couldn’t handle your liquor.

So when you found out you were pregnant you called an emergency meeting and everyone unanimously agreed that you pretend that night never happened.

Those are the friends I’m talking about – the friends who help you bury the truth beneath layers of lies, deceit, pretense and half-truths.

The friends who know where the bodies are buried.

Parting shot: “Then you should have died! Died, rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you! – Johanne Kathleen (JK) Rowland author of ‘Harry Potter’


6 thoughts on “the friends who know where the bodies are buried…

  1. Patie says:

    I have two friends like that…i would die for these two ladies…they know my shit i know theirs and we’ve made it work. I miss them like hell as well yo!

  2. Natasha says:

    Delta, I love your blog my dear, great artistry! I wonder if these kind of friends are actually ‘good friends’? Lucky for me, I dont have any deep and darks, but I sure did some stupid things back in high school and college that only a few people know, and each time I bump into them, the memories flood back and I literally feel myself blush with embarrassment!

    • itsdelta says:

      Thanks Stashy! The feedback is greatly appreciated and you are witnessing the fledgling first steps of what will one day become a literary giant. itsdelta is my declaration to the world that this is me – I am here – I have a voice and I will be heard…

  3. Taffy Dube says:

    Hey wat an inspirn blog bt i thnk sumthngs its just beta f u cover ur tracks coz u wil 4ev b indebted 2 sum one els and afraid 2 do wrong 2 that psn just n cas they spil the beans

  4. shonie says:

    very insightful luckily for me l was neva one to confide in frenz

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