what does it matter?

...whatever happens, with or without an audience applauding - we are living on stage day by day

…what does it matter what label you wear for you are not what you wear
what does it matter what role you play for every act comes to an end then you leave the stage with a bow for the next actor to fill your spot
what does it matter what you believe in, for often inspiration derives from the ideas of philosophers long-dead; whose own ideas could neither lengthen their lives nor insulate them from pain
what does it matter what u call yourself, for words are nothing more than containers we use to carry our thoughts and emotions – more often than not, we fail to find the size big enough to contain it all
what does it matter what ‘they’ call me, the faceless nameless crowd hell-bent on pulling me down, for they too are fleeing their own demons by pretending to be chasing after mine
what does it matter what I achieve for everything is a hollow victory, defenseless against the onslaught of time, wearing thin and yielding to the erosion of age
what does it matter what legacy I leave behind, for the path
I chose, many will not opt for, and the few that will shall mark out their own territory and no trace of me shall remain;
what does it matter…….


2 thoughts on “what does it matter?

  1. Ebeneza says:

    every minute on earth counts try and make good use of it

  2. stanford chiwanga says:

    it matters because we are controlled by society’s norms. So we should not act like we live in a vaccuum. and you should be the first to know that society is very critical when it comes to women

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