I hear but I do not listen
to the sounds

Of the thudding, pounding fury of
Your fists,

Landing upon pliant, willing, submissive
And yielding flesh

I look but I do not see
The skin discolored
Broken, bruised, bleeding

I refuse to shed the tears
Sparkling, hot, stinging

My eyelids
Hold them hostage

For this is my triumph that
I do not give in to despair

My mind groans beneath the weight
Of your insults, taunts and intolerance

My back bears the burden
Of your body
Crushing, claiming, conquering

And I lie
Still, stiff, striving to
Ignore the pain
so raw, searing, severe,
seeming to tear in two

In triumph I crawl
From under you

Knowing that you will
Never own me

For my spirit remains
untamed, indomitable

Here I prevail
Cocooned in my true self

I am unbroken


2 thoughts on “unbroken…

  1. Mduduzi says:

    Eish…Men!Women open yo eyes,we can’t go on like this for longer.

  2. robin says:

    sad but true.at times we are numb to to such treatment and hold on. women miss the point sumwr!!

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