Just be!

Some time ago someone close to me said they wanted to see me blossom, hoped to watch me become the woman I was destined to become.

They were beautiful sentiments, I thought at the time.

Now having marinated these sentiments in thought, I realize that
there is something profound about the nature of flowers, about the process of blossoming and about the beauty of self-discovery.

Flowers don’t all look the same and they certainly don’t bloom under the same conditions or environs.

Each species blossoms in a unique way and its beauty can only be fully grasped against the background or backdrop of the environment around it.

I thought at the time – how we all want to be roses (preferably red ones) because these are deemed to be the most sought-after flowers…

...the red rose - the language of lovers

…but not all of us were meant to be red or roses or even cherished from the porch view of a well-kept garden or to be traded in the hands of lovers.

Not all of us were designed to flourish in the homes of people, content with the confines of the circumferential limits of the flower-pots that keep our roots mated with the soil.

Not all of us were meant for the delicate treatment of a greenhouse – afforded attention, love and constant nurturing.

But all of us blossom, when we are where we are meant to be.

Flowers blossom from mountain peaks, they blossom on glacial slates of ice, and they blossom in caves and even dare to open their petals in defiant bloom in deserts.

Flowers blossom on the deepest ocean floors, resplendent in beauty that finds no audience than the glassy stares of fish and flowers blossom in the cracks of the hardest rock, wooing the surface stone with their tender roots.

Be the flower you were meant to be.

Know that you cannot blossom unless you recognize the type of flower you are and the kind of terrain you need.

..beautiful despite the scaly thorns...

The cactus flower maynot be welcomed in the flower bouquet – too prickly and unsightly to grace the delicate vases of lovers’ homes nor is the rose required to withstand the harsh glare of desert sand neither is the sunflower accommodated in the arctic shorelines of the North Pole.

Be the flower you were meant to be – don’t be content on sands and soils that do not nourish your dreams, that do not feed your aspirations and that do not culminate in the realization of your most deepest and long held convictions.

Dare to be the uncelebrated flower that blossoms even solitude rather than the flower that wilts in the derisive gazes of those who cannot appreciate the beauty of difference.

So, be it on the mountain top, in the desert sands, on the ocean floor, in the darkest cave, or the sun-bathed garden; be it through the cracks of hardened rocks, or the fondling of gentle soils, be it through the curves of a water-filled vase, or the cylindrical lines a flower pot, be it on the sides of a deserted road or in the company of a field in blossom…. wherever you are – just BE!

...just blossom!


One thought on “Just be!

  1. Taff says:

    I wish this article could be read by teenage girls because I know that they all want to fit into the popular mold. Its never easy being the cactus amongst the rose bush, or the little persistent bloom hanging, with roots exposed at the edge of a cliff, but its ok to be just whatever you are. We, especially women, need to cultivate our flower beds with lots of self love, self acceptance and a good dose of laughter.

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