…is anyone worth it?

Recently, a 16 year old girl was lured into a house, tortured, assaulted and disfigured because she was suspected of being involved with a married man.

Her attackers were a 22 year old woman (the wife of the man) along with the sisters of the married man who are still in their teens.

The story makes for a spine-chilling read and demonstrates the most barbaric, horrific and brutal acts of cruelty women inflict on one another in their bid to win or keep a man’s heart.

The trio lured that 16 year old to their house under the pretext that they would help her to secure a job as a house maid and the unsuspecting teenager paid them a visit.

They beat her up severely, they burnt plastics and let the molten liquid drip onto her inner thighs as “punishment” for her being a prostitute who slept around with married men.

They forced her to drink their urine and then broke pieces of glass which they used to write the insult, “wule” (whore) on her forehead and her back – then to make sure that the marking becomes permanent – they used pieces of crushed charcoal to write over the cut and broken skin.

It has taken a while for the sense of outrage that first consumed me at the news of this vicious attack to subside.

And now I have since had occasion to wonder about the man at the centre of these despicable acts – I wonder what he looks like.

Does he have the face of an angel… is he handsome beyond compare that anyone would go to such great lengths to mutilate another person over him? Does he have a six-pack and oodles of sex appeal?

Does he shit gold and pee honey? What makes him special, worthy and deserving of women to go to such extreme lengths to keep him?

Does he have loads of money, a fancy car or is he endowed with a record-breaking lengthy male appendage?

Or perhaps he has charm, intellect and irresistible charisma? Or maybe he exudes power, confidence and success? Or is he kind, loving, gentle and generous? Is he tender, compassionate, devoted and loyal?

What are his credentials as a man and as a useful member of humanity?

I mean where’s his damn CV so I can at least understand why these women went on a rampage over him like that?

Is there any man worth it?

If there is – point me towards him, please.

I just wanna know what kind of man it takes to invoke such senseless, mindless and needless malicious sadism.

Has any woman ever fought for or over a man who was really worth it? And has any man fought over a woman who was worth it?

In fact, is anyone worth it – is anyone worth getting maimed for or worth maiming for?


19 thoughts on “…is anyone worth it?

  1. yemu says:

    That was so wrong.They should have ganged up against the man

  2. Duduzile Ngwenyama says:

    No Delta,no man is ever worth it,but unfortunately women always think so,we mistake abuse for love.The very fact that there is chance of him cheating on you proves that he is not worth it.Recently a friend of mine almost served time for wrecking havoc at her ex husband’s residence when she went there and found him with a girlfriend.How could she put her freedom,her child at stake?Its so difficult to explain what exactly drives us as women but whatever it is,it is fatal.Its high time we realised our worth as women.I was in a similar situation myself at one point(the small house saga)I cursed and fumed until i realised that i was worth more than the abuse and misery.I emancipated myself from that slavery.They got married in a bid to spite me obviously but now its a sad tale to tell.In short,women have to realise that there is life after a dysfunctional marriage etc.Many a time the so called husbands are what some would term worthless.Do not fight for a man but for your own peace and freedom.

    • Nonhlanhla Moyo says:

      i agree with u, there lyf afta marig or failed relationship.beating up some1 is nt gona make any1 faithful….

    • Nevergonnabethere says:

      Unfortunately, it’s all a cycle. Whether you are the man/woman doing the abusing or the man/woman getting the abuse, it is usually something you grew up with and/or were subjected to while growing up and learning about relationships. We look for the role models we grew up with to be in our mates. Our parents teach us what relationships are supposed to be like and how we are to be treated and treat others. Doesn’t matter if it’s your mate you beat up on, your friends or even complete strangers, we learn how to behave and treat others from our parents. The cycle has to be broken and we can only change ourselves if we want to change. I’m using “you” as a generalization, not someone specific. What happened to the 16 year old in that article is a real shame and should never have happened. It’s a real shame our society (and lots of others) put up with and allow this type of behaviour to happen. There are still parents who teach hatred and selfishness to their children today. When will it all end? When will everyone learn that no one is worth this type of behaviour?

  3. Unless someone violates my wife against her will, there is no justification for the violence. The violence is just an expression of emotions clouded by anger and bitterness. When all is said and done, when heads have cooled off, tempers chilled and everyone has come to their senses you realize that there is very little that can’t be solved through dialog and history teaches us that even the most outragous atrocities are solved in open dialog

  4. Asmau Ayub Yusuf says:

    Gosh!! someone tell me this is not real. No human born and unborn is ever worth this barbaric act. I can’t believe a fellow woman could be this mean a girl of this age. How do we go about preaching for the woman’s right with such women in our mists? Such women have to be flushed out completely.

  5. stash says:

    First of all, in my humble positions as your biggest fan, sister and critic, I submit that you overlooked the important element of telling us where this happened (Zim or SA, LOL) and what is happening for justice against the perpetrators. However, this does not subtract from this piece and thank you for asking this very important question that lingers at the back of all our minds but we just dont have the guts (read courage) to ask ourselves. In my opinion, if you are having to fight for a man and engage in running battles with other women over him, he sure aint worth your time. Someone who genuinely loves you shouldnt be having straying eyes at all, so for me, the moment I know of your side plate, I’m done. I’m better than that, and whether we believe it or not, not all men are dogs so you carry on with the search. Tisu tinovajaidza to think they are demi-gods vanhu ava, vanozviitisa manhingi

  6. itsdelta says:

    Hey Stash…. It happened in Zimbabwe, in Bulawayo (the second largest city) in a high density suburb called Nkulumane and the case is still in the courts… (-:
    Thanks for the support!!

  7. Esther says:

    IT baffles me when things like this happens and the man in the picture is left “unattended” and kept out of the scenery,if true? It takees two to tangle ok.

    So don’t put the blame on the girl,for teh most of the it,the demand always and usually come from the man,why should the girl be sacrificed for an “act” committed by two,if at all the allegations are true?

    Thanks Delta for raising this!

  8. Amie says:

    Sweety, you have said it all.. women need to be able to stand on their own, with or without MEN! Like i always say ‘a man worth fighting another woman for, is worth leaving, cuz you not even Secured at the first place…..’
    No one is worth it, no matter how much i love ‘Him’…..

    Esther, thats the point… why go act very inhumanely on a girl who (if the allegation made is true) jointly committed the act with the ‘Man’.

  9. tsitsi makwande masuka says:

    absolutelty nazi behaviour.Those women deserve to rot in prison and burn in hell.I’m disgusted.How animalistic.Murume wacho haamboregi kuhura futi!

  10. Fred Matsheza says:

    Well, I think the woman did not deserve it, considering that it could have been lies and she never did anything like that. It could have been a grudge nothing to do with the man. People can find scapegoats to vent their anger on. But since the man’s wife was involved, I would like to believe it was caused by jealousy and the ‘mindset’ that ‘I am protecting my husband from such lots’ or ‘She has to feel what I am feeling when she is with my husband’. They say ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. They say the full quote is like this, “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” This quote comes from a play ‘The Mourning Bride’ written by an insensitive man called William Congreve.

    When love turns to hatred beware, people can do one of the most unimaginable things. Its very dangerous to play with a woman’s feelings, she wont reason and think, emotions of hurt takes control and if the victim is a weak, desperate and immature 16 year old, as always we feel pity, anger, indignation and for those who are sensitive like me, we feel a bit of remorse and utter sadness–but all after the event has happened. Its difficult to tell a scorned woman that, exercise patience, be understanding and be forgiving. Usually when this kind of brutality happens, it is mainly done as the last resort. However, in this case this was not a measure of last resort, the 16 year old victim was unsuspecting and was probably innocent of all this. If I am to pass verdict, I would say the man’s wife is a monster who should be kept away from normal society, incarcerated in jail till she learns again through pain, regret, and the hardness of jail cell life, that nomatter how angry you are you should be a reasonable person. Do not be quick to pass judgement on other people without credible evidence. I would have understood it better if she had caught them in the act.

    The man’s wife’s actions were born out of frustration and helplessness. She was very powerless to attack the husband, men being being generally stronger than women. She could not do what she did to the young girl to her husband because she realised they will be together for life. But reverse it, which sensible man would marry a woman ‘physically tatooed’ the name ‘wule’ on her forehead? On top of that, one who has big wounds on her thighs. In the end, very little is achieved. The 16 year old could be innocent but her prospects of marriage are diminished substantially, and all her livelihood and future life she will live with that hatred, self rejection and she will never be the same. I would not be amazed if that 16 year old is not suicidal right now. She is definitely uneducated, comes from a poor family- all considering that she was looking for work as a maid. Her chance of happiness was maybe through a happy marriage but that chance has been destroyed all because of a single woman who put feelings above reasonability, decided to put the law into her own hands.

    In the end, both husband and wife may go to jail. What has been achieved? The husband may go to jail for statutory rape, consider the repugnance of the whole thing, a married man going after a desperate teenager, who all she wanted was probably a few dollars to buy some food. She is a small girl whose level of maturity is very low. A very stupid young girl who adds salt to injury by actually stepping on the premises of her sworn enemy, she should have foreseen that its a trap. But, such is the innocence of some of our young girls, they do not realise the magnitude of their wrongdoing.

    I think none of the actions are worth it, husband and wife may go to jail, and the girl faces an uncertain future. The 16 year old girl can even sue that woman for harrassment, bodily injuries, past and future hospital expenses among other things. Women should think rationally, but who would blame them if this whole world has become insane.

    The funny thing is its always, or mainly ‘women vs women’.

  11. Well, these stories are just so many it’s actually scary. What the heck is happening. Why? How?

    How are we conditioning boys in society because thsi sounds like an animalistic tendency. It’s such a pity that these evil cases cast the whole sex in the smae dark shade of blackened shame.

    But I still want to believe in men. I still want to hold fast to the ideal that there is hope.

  12. gugu says:

    this makes me sick…women can be so damn narrow minded at times…

  13. stanford chiwanga says:

    i think it adds more drama to drama and i urge all women to fight for their men. Don’t listen to Delta. Don’t let her eloquent writing skills convince you otherwise. Controversy and conflict are a necessity in this Satan ruled world of ours

  14. Amelia Bhebhe says:

    Delta, no man is worth fighting for under what-ever circumstances. The problem with us women is that we tend to be so desperate thus ending up fighting. If a woman fights over a man, he tends to take advantage and ill-treat a woman.

    Delta, if a woman fights another over a man, uyazi uyabe esebatshadisile ngoba since it will now be known abasehlukani futhi. Women need to graduate from being thick-minded and make it with or without men. Note that i am not advocating for the 50/50 equal rights but women need to stop this barbaric act.

    Food for thought!

  15. Taffy Dube says:

    I think wat these women did to the girl,they should have done to the man who was cheating that would have taught him a lesson….lol,what is the point of fighting with the girl?, wen the man will continue cheating like before, It’s not worth attacking a small house or mistress, better confront the man himself and find ways of amicably solving the situation,However these ladies should be punished accordingly for such inhumane and barbaric act on a fellow human being and please keep us informed on what happens in this case

  16. The short answer would be no. But it’s more complicated and complex than that seeing as we are mainly still animals with higher brain function bolted on, so to speak. What you describe in your article is not about jealousy but about power much like the act of rape.

  17. Adrian says:

    i have never really been a believer in violence. really bathi ngiyazitshela but there is no one in this world i consider to be worth such actions. i would never want to tarnish my name because i fought over a girl. inasmuch as people will argue and say “uyabe ungamthandanga” i personally think its a load of rubbish. in my view, no one can make me do such a thing. if my woman is to have an affair with another guy then it means that what i have to offer is not what she wants. the solution is to try and step up my game or leave. having said that, this is my personal view. it is however important to note that we are raised under different backgrounds. to some people the concept of fighting for “what is yours” knows no boundaries. i think it goes down to family values and the background that people grow up in. i went to a boys only boarding school where the motto (the unofficial one of cause) was “akula muntu otshayayo, eyamadoda ayipheli” and to some extent this has affected my behavior in terms of guarding my property. i am firmly of the conviction that if you want to rob me, kill me first because i worked for my stuff. i have scars to that effect. so i think such acts are influenced by back grounds

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