…it bleeds anew

The wound I thought
Was healed and sealed
Sheds the scab and bleeds anew

Remembrance turns into a blade
Whose sharpened edge
I cannot flee

Unbidden the images
Pelt the mind
To sting, and hurt and scorch
Once more

Unwelcome thoughts
Taunt the soul
To tear, to shred and bruise

The clock rewinds
and time turns back
today becomes yesterday
And the fragile heart
Breaks again

The past returns
To mar the smile
Of better days
And leave the ache
Of yester year

How mint-fresh
The memories
Of shattered dreams
And un-kept vows
Of betrayal
Standing in the place of trust

And now pain
Where love once was
The wound
I thought
Was healed and sealed
Sheds the scab
and bleeds anew


4 thoughts on “…it bleeds anew

  1. Lovely. I just hope it’s not a depiction of yourself… Those scabs sadly have a way of falling off and bleeding anew.

  2. Mawuli says:

    I love it. Surprising that you don’t do poetry, because I’ve always thought you would make an excellent poet- you have a big poetic oratory in your articles. Read the first paragraphs of ya articles and see if most of them will pass for a poem. There’s definitely an enormous poetic flavor in most of your articles. One can arguably say ya pieces are very long poems.

    See these paragraphs from your “Teh Echo of Silence” article:

    “Had she been there she would have asked them why they were crying. She would have looked each one of them in the eye shaming them to silence with her mute accusation.

    Had she been there she would have laughed at their duplicity and poked fun at her aunt’s hysterics – rolling herself on the ground like that as if it would make her appear more bereaved than the rest……………………

    Had she been there, she would have surely taken the time to remind her aunt of that night, the first time it happened………

    Had she been there she would have seen her mother, stare blankly at the wall; refusing to have any part with the mourners – keeping her distance as she always did, cocooned in a shell of denial.”

  3. Busani says:

    Do people love and feel with the mind or the heart? Back to the poem this is a vivid depiction of feelings that a lot of us experience at some point in our lives as long as we are alive. Mmmmmh I wonder if dead people feel well let me get back to work before I lose myself in the artwork and the imagery…………

  4. shexpress says:

    Beautiful poem.
    What depth!

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