God’s not fair – be glad!

We all know that life’s not fair; that bad things happen to good people and that sometimes the wicked prosper.

There are some people whose lives are an endless string of tragedies such that you wonder what they could have possibly done to deserve such torment and you actually marvel at the fact that they haven’t committed suicide yet?

So life’s not fair but then neither is God.

And this article is to chronicle just how unfair God can be.

God is so unfair that no matter how many times you mess up, He’ll still give you the benefit of the doubt.

And you can imagine how annoying that is if you’ve spent your life doing everything ‘by the book’ and you’ve really made sacrifices to be a goody-two-shoes only to find God loves the drunken, prostituting and foul-mouthed malefactor just as much!

Not only that, but God has a tendency of showing clear bias towards sinners, He actually seeks them out while the saintly piously turn their condescending noses up at those they deem to be morally inferior.

Well if you’re one of those people who lead their lives acting like there’s an imaginary halo surrounding your head; being so spiritual that you’re of no earthly use – the joke’s on you!

People are not perfect it’s true but to be more specific about it – you are not perfect.

Doing an inventory recently of all the people who’ve hurt me without provocation; been cruel to me without justification and those who’ve hated me without cause, I felt I had a right to marinate in some self-pity and harbor some bitterness.

...we all get a shot at it!

Why had all these unfair things happened to me?
What had I done to deserve them?

I mean if you’ve ever come to that point where you wonder why someone would just maliciously stab you in the back for no apparent reason, you will understand what I’m talking about.

In the midst of all this gloomy musing I remembered one of my friend’s grandmothers who used to always ask when you lamented about a misfortune, “Who did you want it to happen to?”

My take on life is that it is not fair.

That sometimes you’ll do all the right things but still end up with bad results.

That sometimes you’ll follow all the laid down rules and still end up being used, abused and taken for granted.

That sometimes you’ll love someone and give them every inch of you and in return they’ll make promises that never materialize.

Life’s not fair.

We have every reason to grumble, murmur, complain and throw a bitch fit but none of us – not even one of us – has a right to do so.

If God was to be fair, many of us would have been destroyed ions ago.

If God was fair many of us would have had one chance at making our lives better and if we blew it – we’d have no means of redeeming ourselves.

One of the things I am grateful for is that I have had the good fortune of being afforded second chances and also the providence of recognizing each one as an opportunity to finally get right the things I’ve gotten wrong.

God doesn’t discriminate and most times He doesn’t give favors like freesbies but the thing that makes Him unfair is that He shows mercy.

His mercy is unfair.

It is unfair because it allows us to sometimes get away with our blunders, to go on unscathed by our past choices and at times to thrive even when we deserve to perish.

So that all the people we’ve hurt, harmed, disappointed and inflicted suffering on can then exclaim how unfair life is because they see you thrive even when they don’t believe you deserve to because of what you have done to them.

And yes, the truth is we have done things unto others that we do not wish to have done unto us – we’re not perfect.

I realized a while ago that if my life was a story of first chances; I’d have been a complete failure and existing in abject misery.

...whatever life may bring our way. May we always be spared His awful wrath.

Because I don’t remember any first chance at doing something that I didn’t blow or mess up.

In many things (especially the important stuff) I have had to try it again before I could succeed; in short my life is a story of second chances.

But the thing with second chances is that sometimes the catastrophe you create when you fail the first time around cannot be mended no matter how many chances you’re given to ‘fix’ your mess because some things have consequences that last forever.

We must all live with our mistakes but we should also live with the lessons they’ve taught us otherwise we’ll never transcend the past or triumph in the present or hope in the future.

God’s in unfair because He’ll be willing to let you try again even when other people think you don’t deserve it in as much as you don’t think those who’ve hurt you deserve any mercy.

I used to tell one of my friends that sometimes life is spent dodging the bullets of misfortune.

I said we have no way of knowing why one tragedy strikes a specific person and spares another except to assume that it was that person’s fate to encounter such catastrophe.

If you’ve ever watched someone get hurt by something you yourself desired to have or do – you feel relieved, you feel lucky and that you’ve been spared.

You feel like you’ve dodged a bullet.

But there are times no matter how fast you run, or where you hide; no matter how well you live your life; no matter how good the choices you make or how you stick to the right rules – misfortune will come your way.

Even when you don’t deserve it – it’s going to happen one way or the other some bullet is just going to hit you.

Because dear reader, there are some bullets that just have your name written on them.

And when those bullets hit you and miss everyone else near you by a hair’s breadth as they sigh in relief because the bullet missed them – you’re going to be bitter thinking how life’s unfair.

Don’t be, just be glad that God is unfair too and that somehow along life’s winding journey when you least deserve it – God’s going to show you mercy.

And whatever your heart break may be today; I think you deserve to know that it will be alright in the end – God’s unfairness will see to it.

Parting shot: I was in the middle of explaining to myself why I have a right to be bitter about all the bad things other people have done to me and all the pain that has been unfairly inflicted on me and then I remembered all the things I’ve been blessed with that I didn’t earn; all the second chances that I didn’t deserve and all the wrongs that I have been forgiven. I was ashamed that I had even tried to make a comparison. Life’s not fair. True. But neither is God – that’s why He cares about even the most unworthy – Delta Milayo Ndou

On a totally unrelated note, I would like to invite you all to pay a visit to a fantastic writer who just started blogging about Thinking out loud – she’s a treat and then some!


11 thoughts on “God’s not fair – be glad!

  1. gracefulglider says:

    insightful post.

  2. Stash says:

    I absolutely love this lesson, how often do we stop to think that Oh, but God has actually been unfair with me, too: giving me all those ‘undeserved’ second chances and opportunities. Wow, those are excatly the words, I believe we have all had good things happen to us after we have particularly been ‘bad’, and we hark back and wonder at why such favor. God is ‘unfair’ in that way, just that as mortals we often preoccupy ourselves with the success of others whom we feel do not deserve the blessing they have, but forget that we too do not deserve what we have. Thanks love

  3. MaBree says:

    So true my friend…

  4. vimbai says:

    had i not been given multiple chances too, i would have been a total disaster. thanks delta for opening my eyes. vimbai

  5. Koga says:

    “We are made for eternity as surely as we are made for time and to be made for eternity and forced to dwell in time is for mankind a tragedy of huge proportions. For all that is within us cry out for permanence and life yet everything around us remind us of change and mortality” so is the way of life. You don’t want what’s going on around you, just hold on a little while longer, it will change. But then hold on loosely to things and people, they ain’t permanent!

    Thanks and love you.


  6. Leslie says:

    Hey u have come of age and wisdom is catching up with u

  7. Chelesile Moyo says:

    Gal, u rock kip it up!

  8. Phineas says:

    When I read the the topic, I thought ahaaaaa you were now losing your mind.The tittle really grabbed my attention and indeed God is not fair because if he was I also don’t know were I would be today. Thanks to his mercies that endure forever. May God really bless you because of this message.

  9. It wasn’t fair that my father died in July when I was just getting stuck into my dissertation; wasn’t fair that he couldn’t hold on longer so I could have finished without the memory of his body in a coffin playing on my mind. How selfish to think like that when I should have been grateful that 1) he’d lived to see 27 years of my life and many of my successes; 2) I was able to go home for the funeral unlike so many others who can’t do the same; 3) my university was just amazing amazing amazing in making everything happen; 4) my friends were simply unbelievable.

    Why did it happen to me, not the person sitting next to me? I have been at the Arrival lounge at Harare International Airport before and seen people collapse into each other’s arms upon meeting. Some of the emotion is obviously grief, not ecstasy. And you think, “Oh gosh, I wish that never happens to me!”

    And then it does. And then you say life’s not fair.

    Damn straight it ain’t. It wasn’t fair to them too! And now it’s your turn. So yes, it’s not fair. Deal with it!

    It’s just that I am cut up over Takunda Mafika’s death last week. 27 going on 28. Mbira maestro par excellence. Happening guy who was gonna re-ignite the passion for mbira like nothing we’ve seen the last decade. And then he dies. He actually posts as his last FB update that he’d been finally discharged from hospital and almost died while there. And then he has another complication and he dies this time.

    Why him? I was told I was going blind two years ago. But I still see. Why me?

    Oh, life is not fair. God is indeed not fair.

  10. Hi thanks for your insightful post.
    I’m a Christian and I believe in God but of all the attributes given to him, the only doubt I have is: IS GOD REALLY FAIR? My answer is NO.
    God is not fair; he created angels and man with a very powerful tool called ‘Free Will’ and expected them to use this choice to have a meaningful relationship with him knowing too well that now these beings can reason for themselves and that sooner or later they will question his very existence, they will wonder why in heaven do we have to worship him day and night, they would get tired of doing so and turn away from him and when they do so, that is when evil comes in, turning away from God’s ways. But did angel and man ever aksed God to create them with Free Will?
    So there and then everyone knew that God wasn’t fair but nobody dared to point it out in his face and that is where Lucifer, the most beautiful, highly intelligent and prolly the most powerful being next to God dared to take on the leadership to question God’s FAIRNESS. That was and is the very reason (hidden from the bible) why Lucifer rebelled, that’s a very genuine reason strong enough to convince a third of the angels to follow Lucifer, that is a very solid reason why Lucifer is so opposed to God and never wanted to accept God’s offer to repent, that is the reason why God desperately wanted to lock him down on the earth and destroy him rather then redeeming him and his angels in fear that Lucifer once given a second chance to heaven would again for the second time try to convince what would now be both angels and man to question his fairness.

    Did Lucifer ever deserved to be loaded with all the evil things so-called unto him? Did man ever deserve this pain and suffering in this cruel hateful world? Did man ever aks God to create them with free-will?

    God had no control over this power called Free Will; he realized that and now he’s trying to eradicate his mistake by designing his master plan of redemption. I’d say if God is really fair, he’ll justify Lucifer’s side of the story and redeem all his created beings, including Lucifer and all the fallen angels; after all we are all son’s and daughters of God, why is he so unfair and why would he destroy some of his beings for what they do not deserve. GOD IS NOT FAIR.

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