2012 is the year I dare to educate…

I figured out a long time ago that I would love to spend my life helping young people out of any limitation (be it educational, geographic, emotional, mental, psychological, economical, social or otherwise).

I hate to see people being limited by their background, their past, their present, their circumstances and the disempowering stereotypes that most people (especially girls) internalize from childhood.

This is why I came up with The IMMA Foundation and 2012 seems to be as good a year as any to dare to change lives!

It is an audacious thing to believe one can make a difference. Perhaps this is why few people even bother to try.

So next year I am going to dare to bring my vision to reality, my dream to manifestation and my hope to fruition. Even if at the end of that year, I will have helped just one person – it will have been an improvement from having helped nobody at all in 2011.

I am going to change someone's life next year. Just one. And if I am lucky enough then maybe two or more...but one way or the other; I'm going to dare it!

I am passionate about education so I will start there. Helping young people to secure places and funding to pursue post-graduate study for the 2012/2013 academic year. Specifically Zimbabwean young people and particularly female young Zimbabweans.

I have always maintained that women’s emancipation will be the inevitable consequence of women’s empowerment and that women’s empowerment will be the inevitable consequence of education.

In 2012, I hope to play a part (no matter how small) in ensuring that someone somewhere in Zimbabwe will gain access to post-graduate education, will be empowered and academically emancipated.

If you still are curious about how grad school works Online Graduate Programs has more information on graduate education (in America) as does the Princeton Review Graduate Resource School. Simply put – the possibilities for someone with a graduate degree are sky high.

My appeal to you, dear reader (thank you for indulging me thus far especially if you’re a subscriber because I know this is coming straight to your inbox and you may be very busy and might have precious little time to spare reading this), my appeal is that you help me:

1. Identify scholarships for African students (I know some but my list is hardly exhaustive. You can post the link below on the comments section or email the information to me).

2. Identify Universities outside Zimbabwe (this is because there are no post-graduate scholarships for students in Zimbabwe so its easier to study elsewhere on a scholarship) that avail funds (usually part-tuition) for International students.

3. Identify scholarships or funding opportunities that are inclusive of Zimbabweans (this is because our country is not part of the Commonwealth and this has severely marginalized us in terms of being eligible for certain scholarly or fellowship opportunities).

4. Identify Students’ Exchange Programmes for which Zimbabweans would qualify (again the Commonwealth exclusion tends to deprive us of some of these opportunities).

5. Identify Fellowships and other Professional training opportunities that young Zimbabweans who hold first degrees can qualify for where belonging to a Commonwealth nation is not a requirement or pre-requisite (as this automatically would disqualify us).

6. Identify organizations that provide educational grants or institutions that offer short professional courses (the shorter the course, the less money required to sponsor an individual) – I am grateful that institutions such as Nuffic have generously included Zimbabweans as eligible recipients of their scholarships and fellowship awards.

7. Identify Foreign Embassies in Zimbabwe that are committed to affording training and educational opportunities to Zimbabweans in their respective countries (I am thinking of the exceptional work that the United States Embassy – Public Affairs Section (PAS) are doing from their base in Harare).

8. Identify workshops/conferences/professional training events within the SADC region, on the African continent and abroad that would assist young graduates to get exposure and training (AWID is very helpful in this regard and I’m sure there are others). Needless to say, such events might present the challenge of assisting aspiring participants to secure funds or travelling grants but there’s no harm in trying.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This post is that single step for me. Thank you for your indulgence and may 2012 be the year of dreams coming true (but remember you have to work for them).

It's unfortunate that people HURT other people just because they can... Instead I think it should be a good reason why we should HELP other people. We should help other people just because WE CAN!


One thought on “2012 is the year I dare to educate…

  1. Vimbai says:

    May the Lord bless you greatly Dee, will surely help whenever I can.

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