‘I would give the whole Church up… before they make me disown my daughter!

When T.D Jakes’ daughter fell pregnant at 14, he says when push comes to shove and you’ve gotta choose – choose your child.

She wrote a letter saying she was sorry to see her parents go through the kind of pain they were going through but told her father ‘it was worth it all to see how much you love me’.

In Zimbabwe, we don’t often get parents who stand by their daughters when they fall pregnant prematurely.

We have this tendency to dump teenage daughters who fall pregnant to ‘punish’ the erring daughter and to ‘penalize’ the man/boy responsible – so in the end we have a percentage of the society who are married by default.

Would you stand by your daughter? And if you’ve been there, did your parents stand by you? Was anyone there for you?

Sarah D. Henson’s father told her unequivocally, “I would give the whole church up before they make me disown my daughter.”

Would you ever be that kind of parent?


9 thoughts on “‘I would give the whole Church up… before they make me disown my daughter!

  1. Taff Dihwa says:

    Thank you for writing this blog. Most parent’s initial responses are usually influenced by society. Its more of ‘ what Will my church mates think ‘ type thing. I’ve realised that as a woman it is up to me to support any woman who finds herself with child out of wedlock.

  2. Praise says:

    We are always so quick to judge yet have discovered that it could just have easily been me. This thing off marrying off people is a bad idea. you cant change the past and what has happened but surely you can change the future by making better decisions. forcing them to shack up is a bad decision. If anything of the sort happens to me or my sister i will violently oppose! After reading this article i have more respect for TD Jakes

  3. Lily Favourr says:

    I think there is a huge message to learn from this Delta.Most men of God shouldn’t care for their ministry at the detriment of their own individual families.While they bless many out there, their homes especially their innocent daughters become a target for the enemy.I can’t count the number of people TD Jakes has blessed through his messages in Cameroon n’ the rest of the world.He has taught us how to keep our dresses on and stay out of bed(abstain from premarital sex),he has been a personal example of developing a deeper meaningful relationship with God,he has been the one teaching us how to clean our mess..etc and we all wished he preached this home and followed up on his daughter.I totally agree with what you wrote but there should have been a clause cautioning men of God to raise pulpits in their homes before stepping out.As a result of the increasing level of the occurrence of teenage pregnancy among Pastors’s daughters, a ministry for Pastor’s daughters only was created in Cameroon to do what most men of God leave undone in their homes.

  4. Moloki Ngulube says:

    Yah, I think so. After all the situation can not be reversed.

  5. tsitsi says:

    I would definitely stand by daughter.She’s 10months old now and i hope she doesn’t put me through that situation but should it happen, i would stand by her.I know of a father who actually did this,a Shona man for that matter.He was so supportive he even drove his daughter to her gynae’s appointmentts &made sure she was comfortable throughout and after the pregnancy.WOW

  6. Mike says:

    My daughter knows to kill herself before i do. I will never condone pregnancy at a young school going age. University level … i can forgive. But for now, no ways. I am NOT a new age parent and my daughter knows that.

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  8. kierrajanay says:

    I would stand by my child! I don’t care what they have done it’s still my baby and always will be. Condone what they have done? maybe not. But I would never leave them. I had a pregnancy “scare” as a teenager and although afraid to tell my mother what was going on I called her from my cousins house. She went to the doctor with me and she never left my side. She never got mad with me. She never judged me. I love my mother to pieces. Everyone makes me mistakes and no matter what they are no one should ever turn their back on their child:).

  9. wendy says:

    you cant please people no matter how hard you try they will also find weakness in you. i will stand by my daughter no matter what. they will laugh but it will pass. thank you bishop TD JAKES to be a good example to us parents God bless you.

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