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Ever had a feeling that God doesn’t like you?
That you work really hard and he never shows up for his part of the deal? That you’ve been divinely stood up… the literal sense?

It’s a horrible feeling. You sit there, on destiny’s bus stop ,all packed up. You’ve folded your sweat neatly and packed it into the Monarch suitcase .All the groundwork, research and paper work bottled in pretty 100ml green glass bottles .You’ve polished your talents with Kiwi shoe polish and put them in a compartment with the other shoes. You’ve even memorised the motivational quotes just in case you’ll need a fix along the way. You’re ready. Then….you get stood up. Not just an ordinary ‘standing up’, like you would expect from a nervous blind date, but a divine one.

Ever felt like God just stood you up?.

It’s the worst feeling. You sit at the bus…

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