I’m asking for help… it’s embarrassing but I’m doing it anyway!

Dear Friends, (forgive my presumptiousness in addressing you all as friends)

I write to make a humble request. As some of you may know, I am doing a Masters and am well on my way towards completing it.

My request is that you spare 10 minutes of your precious time and fill in the questionnaire that I prepared which consists of ONLY 10 questions.

The survey guarantees anonymity, confidentiality and I can assure you that your responses will be used purely for academic purposes. The questions are available on the link below:

SURVEY MONKEY: How the media influences what we remember and how we remember it in Zimbabwe's post-independence era

I sincerely hope that many (if not most) of you will respond favourably to my plea (and yes it is a plea!) and I thank you in advance.

p.s I am actually not embarrassed about asking for help, I just wrote that in the title to grab your attention (I hope it worked!)


12 thoughts on “I’m asking for help… it’s embarrassing but I’m doing it anyway!

  1. There you are! It worked. Good luck.

  2. Chipo says:

    Yes – it worked! The influence of the media is a great question. I’ve been looking at several projects about preserving intangible culture… Several aspects of our history are oral tradition – not documented. The media certainly plays a big part in influencing our frame of reference. I look forward to seeing the results of your survey!

  3. Simba says:

    Mmm only filled it in as it seems a lot of planning went into your scheme…

  4. Do you want one-word answers or I can expand?

  5. I have just taken the survey, although I am not sure if I still qualify as a youth. lol

  6. nomusamh says:

    I must have popped in late and found the survey having been closed.

    • itsdelta says:

      Thanks for popping in Nomusa, yeah I hit 100 responses over the weekend and that was the target number so I closed it down. I appreciate that you were willing to help.

  7. Shoni says:

    I popped in

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