Check yourself…you might be a CIO

In case you didn’t get the memo, people that don’t agree with the MDC (especially the Morgan Tsvangirai-led faction) are generally dismissed as CIOs, Zanu PF infiltrators, sellouts, Zanuiods or Zanufied, etc. So obviously, CIOs come in all shapes and sizes in this country.

The “title” of CIO is bestowed randomly upon any person who makes the mistake of holding an independent view (by independent view I mean an opinion that is not anchored in the political narratives advanced by either Zanu PF or the MDC).

One doesn’t need years of training to wake up and find themselves conscripted into the CIO – just have the gumption to criticise Tsvangirai or the temerity to point out (meekly and apologetically) that maybe, just maybe, President Robert Mugabe is right about some things.

My musings in the Southern Eye on the re-definition of a ‘CIO’ in Zimbabwe and the consequences of holding alternative political views.

This is why I have become convinced that CIOs come in all shapes and sizes


5 thoughts on “Check yourself…you might be a CIO

  1. jaredpurdy says:

    Without checking the acronym, “Critical Information Officer” comes to mind. I also like Conscientious Infiltration Orator.

  2. Yippie, I have finally become a CIO (see ten? lol)

  3. no name says:

    oh, its you. my uk based niece once said they were living in fear because of somebody by the name of delta ndou who is on “special assignment” kikikiki

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