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Welcome to the cyber-home of Delta Law (aka Lau) Milayo Ndou.

Building a Legacy:

Delta L.M Ndou is the Founder and CEO of The IMMA Foundation which seeks to empower, educate and emancipate young girls and women.

The IMMA Foundation provides training, consultancy, mentoring and networking opportunities for women and girls through its various operational divisions that include –

The IMMA Initiative (an agency that facilitates employment and training opportunities for women including fellowships, workshops, exchange programs and professional conferences).

The IMMA Academy (an institution that seeks to mentor young girls, provide safe platforms and spaces for them to participate fully in every aspect of social life while securing the enjoyment of their rights in their private lives).

The IMMA Consultancy (a division of the IMMA Foundation that is academic driven to engage in research on various gender and developmental issues to ensure effective and relevant fact-based interventions by stakeholders towards gender equity, women empowerment and narrowing the existing gender disparities).

The Foundation is about “Women Making History” and its goal is to work towards justice and equality. To partner with us, or sponsor an IMMA project or an IMMA Recruit or to find out how you can get involved please fill in the form below:

As a media practitioner she has straddled the worlds of journalism, gender activism, human rights advocacy as well as contributing to national and developmental discourses through blogging.

She is a practicing Zimbabwean journalist who has undergone specialized training in the following fields:

• HIV and AIDS reporting (2008, SAfAIDS, PSI & NAC).
• Gender and Economic reporting (2009, GenderLinks).
• Humanitarian reporting (2010; US Embassy & HIFC).
• Advanced Transitional and Technical reporting (2010, MISA).
• Gender and Constitutional reporting (2010, UN WOMEN).
• Training of Trainers in Conflict Sensitive Reporting (2011, VMCZ & FOJO-Sweden).

She is the Community Manager for SAGE Publications’s 3 websites namely; Methodspace (SAGE); Communicationspace (SAGE) and Crimspace (SAGE) where she is the online manager presiding over the social networking needs of more than 15 000 members.

She has been a Magazine Editor of a Zimbabwean weekly paper and is a former Editor in Chief of an online Women’s leadership and development webzine run by the Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa.

She is an activist who advocates for human rights, social justice, equality and the empowerment of women having been involved in the following community and voluntary work:

She has guest lectured at a local university as a gender resource person

She has volunteered with the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development as a motivational speaker for the various schools outreach programmes

She has trained as a Provincial anti-domestic violence counselor affiliated to the Ministry of Women Gender and Community Development in a voluntary capacity to arrest the spread of domestic violence.

She has been a columnist for over two years; researching and writing weekly on issues surrounding gender, human rights, equality, social justice, women empowerment and sexual reproductive health rights.

She has been part of an online community of Zimbabwean activists on Kubatana as a blogger to challenge institutions and structures that use patriarchy to legitimize the marginalization of women.

Her involvement in gender activism spans a period of over 7 years dating back to 2003 when at the age of 19; she co-wrote a TV drama series that interrogated the marital institution as a major site of women’s oppression. The drama series (titled “IZENZO” loosely translated to mean “actions or deeds”) was produced and aired by the national broadcaster (ZTV) in 2005 at which time she was a second year student at the University of Zimbabwe.

Delta L.M Ndou is a University of Sussex Masters student pursuing Gender and Media studies after being awarded a joint Canon Collins Trust and Mandela Fund scholarship. She holds a BA General Degree in English and Linguistics attained from the University of Zimbabwe.

2011: She was identified among the emerging Global New Media Leaders by the Foreign Press Center in the USA and consequently selected to be one of 20 journalists to take part in the Blogging for Social and Political Change Foreign Press Tour in Washington DC and Minneapolis.

2011: She was invited to be one of the co-Moderators of the UN-Women E-Discussions with Young Africans that were conducted on Facebook by the Moremi Initiative for women’s leadership in Africa.

2011: She was selected to be a participant and presenter during the United Nation’s 55th Session on the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) parallel event organized by Moremi Initiative titled “Conversations with Africa’s Finest” that took place in New York.

2011: She was identified among the top 10 Most Influential Women and received an award for “Amplifying the Voices of Women in the Media” from the Matabeleland AIDS Council (MAC) & Oxfam Canada.

2010: She was identified among Africa’s most promising emerging young women leaders by the Moremi Initiative for women’s leadership in Africa and consequently selected to be a MILEAD Fellow representing Zimbabwe.

2010: She was a researcher and participant in a TV debate series titled, “Voices Unheard – the outcry of Zimbabwe’s women and children” where she advocated for the repeal of laws that were discriminatory towards women and infringed on the rights of children.

2008: She was identified among Zimbabwe’s top 10 innovative and leading youths in a nationwide search by the national broadcaster before being adjudged to be among the top 3 youths who went on to represent Zimbabwe in a pan-African HIV awareness reality TV show targeting the youth.

3 thoughts on “Get in touch:

  1. Honest Ndlovu says:

    would love to be part of what Delta is doing.God will bless her for her works

  2. I took time to read, your achievements , highly impressed with your achievements.

    Wish, you all the luck with IMMA ,

    We are also doing our part for Zimbabwe, we are publishing local writers stories, please check our blog… for more details..

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